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You can search for publications published under LKA name in eLABa search portal selecting eLABa (Lithuanian academic electronic library) from the library resources.


Using the science publications database LKA employees can analyze their publications from various aspects, print statistical reports and bibliographic lists of publications. They need to know: 


Authors working in the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania register their publications in Lithuanian academic electronic library (eLABa) repository.

How to sign in to eLABa system:  

  • In order to upload a new publication, sign in to repository at
  • Choose the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania from the list of institutions.
  • Type your e-mail address and password (if you need information about your credentials, use e-mail address
  • Click Naujas dokumentas (New document) and fill in your data.
  • After you have filled in the data, press “Perduoti bibliotekos darbuotojui tvirtinti” (Send to librarian for confirmation).
  • After the librarian has checked your data, your publication entry will become available on eLABa search portal.


During the registration of your publication you must indicate LKA underlying scientific research course and topic.

If a publication has been registered by another institution and has no open access, a copy of the publication, after having received a notification from eLABa system, must be submitted to LKA library:


  • For an article (part of a book) – PDF copy of the content pages and both sides of the title pages with the permission and revision data of the whole article and the publication where it has been published.
  • For a book – PDF copy of both sides of the title page (with publication and revision data), content, metrics, summary and literature list pages as well as the first and the last page of the text.
  • Copy is not obligatory if the publication been published in the Academy and hosted on a website. The author submits URL of a publication published on the internet. Publication will not be confirmed without the document source link or copy.


  • Science publication submission and management in eLABa repository guide in PDF
  • Science publication submission and management in eLABa repository guide VIDEO:

  • How to generate science publication list or report VIDEO guide :
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